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Hotel Caaesar Augustus, Anacapri, Capri, Italy | Bown's Best


When civilised travellers – like you, dear reader – go to Capri, they ponder where to find the most deliciously seIf-indulgent place for a little light sustenance. Well, ponder no longer, for I have found it. It is on the terrace of the wonderful Hotel Caesar Augustus. Here, in the early evening, with the finest views on this island of fine views spread out before you, the Oyster and Caviar Bar will offer you its delights.  I would recommend 50 grammes of Beluga caviar, a dozen French oysters and a bottle of Krug. This will cost you 860€, but as you sip the champagne and gaze at the setting of the sun over the Bay of Naples, you will know that life is good. You will also have the comfort of knowing that you have followed the hotel’s motto: Never settle for less than your dreams.

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Quattro Passi, Sorrento (Nerano), Italy | Bown's Best


Quattro Passi is a place of sophisticated elegance and gastronomic brilliance, a beautiful retreat for those who love both good food and natural beauty. Its presiding genius is the irrepressible Antonio Mellino, an inspired chef to whom the Michelin inspectors have awarded, quite properly, two of their coveted stars. In the picture, Chef Mellino and I are joined by Rita, his charming wife, who does so much to ensure that the whole establishment runs smoothly. Unseen, because in the kitchen, is their son, Fabrizio, another chef of remarkable talent. This, then, is a family affair – not least because the patron picked up the love of cooking from his mother.

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Majestic Palace Hotel & Ristorante Don Geppi, Sorrento (Sant'Agnello di Sorrento), Italy | Bown's Best


A star is born. Although I am the first to acknowledge the pleasure to be had from visiting the established gastronomic shrines, there is a special intensity to the joy of experiencing a new establishment which is heading for greatness. I was going to say ‘discovering’ a new establishment, but that would be inaccurate in this case. For the Michelin inspectors have already, and with commendable speed, awarded one of their coveted rosettes to the Ristorante Don Geppi. But before I speak further of this wonderful dining room, allow me to comment upon the hotel in which it is located.

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